The next day, the Hyundai was allegedly driven to a carpark on Boundary Road in Richlands, in Brisbane’s outer south-west, where it cut off another vehicle just after midday.

A man wearing a mask and armed with a knife then got out of the Hyundai and ran towards the vehicle that had just been cut off, forcing the 26-year-old male driver to accelerate away from the scene.

Five minutes later, police said the same stolen vehicle stopped next to a 63-year-old woman putting groceries into her car on Serviceton Avenue in Inala.

It will be alleged a man armed with a knife grabbed the woman, demanded the keys to her car, forced her to the ground, tried to take her bag, before giving up and fleeing in the Hyundai.

About 12.15pm, the same stolen car stopped at lights on Inala Avenue where two men got out and are accused of trying to steal a 57-year-old man’s Holden Commodore.

It will be alleged they opened the doors to the man’s car, threatened him with a knife and punched him multiple times. The 57-year-old man was not seriously injured.

Police responded to the multiple attempted armed robberies, using a Taser and their handguns to bring the incident to an end.

The 28-year-old man was shot in his buttock and taken to the PA Hospital in a serious condition.

The 26-year-old man, the alleged driver driver of the Hyundai, was arrested at the scene.

The 26-year-old Maryborough man has been charged with attempted armed robbery in company, going armed so as to cause fear, unlawful entry of a vehicle and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

A police officer involved received a cut to his arm and was treated at the scene.

The Ethical Standards Command investigation into the police shooting continues, with oversight from the Crime and Corruption Commission.

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