“It’s just disruptive on players,” he said. “Subbing a player out, I don’t think it’s great for the team, and particularly that player as well. I’d actually like to see that one gone. I don’t think that one’s good for the game.”

Green said teams should select their best XI before the game and should stick with it.

“Different sports obviously have similar adaptations – baseball, obviously, you can change players throughout the game and soccer and rugby have substitutions,” he said. “But this is something in cricket that players aren’t quite used to. And I think it can definitely have a negative mental impact on them in the long run.”

Earlier this month, Thunder captain Callum Ferguson also criticised the new rules and the lack of consultation from Cricket Australia ahead of their implementation.

Ferguson said the new rules were unnecessary and argued the decline in interest stemmed from bad pitches rather than the product itself.

‘‘Some of the pitches we were playing on were letting the game down rather than the game itself,’’ he said.

‘‘I was surprised and probably a bit disappointed they felt like they needed to go down that path. My biggest concern was that we were making the changes to almost cover for some of the disappointing pitches that we had at different stages.’’

The announcement of the rule changes last month sparked a backlash, with former Australia captain Michael Clarke calling them “garbage” on the Big Sports Breakfast.

Shane Watson said in a blog post the rules were “gimmicks” introduced in a “misguided attempt to reinvigorate the tournament”.

Sydney Thunder bowler Chris Green.

Sydney Thunder bowler Chris Green.Credit:Getty

In terms of the other two rules, Green said the Power Surge and Bash Boost were “interesting” with teams still navigating how to best utilise them.

The Bash Boost rewards whichever team’s 10-over score is the highest with one competition point, while the Power Surge sees the power play shortened to four overs with an additional two-over Power Surge taken by the batting team any time after the 11th over.


“The other two, I think are showing good effect,” he said. “The extra one-point will come into it probably more so the back end … as that can be make or break for finals time.”

“The Power Surge, rather than providing big run scores, it’s provided wickets. That one has changed the game and is impacting the game, biggest out of the three.”

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