“There’s no doubt we could avoid a lot of stress and anxiety amongst the umpiring fraternity.”

In recent days, Big Bash boss Alistair Dobson said the league was looking at itsoptions for next season but would not commit to the full-scale international version of the DRS.

Callum Ferguson is among those calling for the DRS to be introduced to the Big Bash.

Callum Ferguson is among those calling for the DRS to be introduced to the Big Bash.Credit:Getty

In 2018, the Indian Premier League started allowing one referral per match in 2018 with DRS previously used in the Caribbean and Bangladesh Premier Leagues as well as the Pakistan Super League.

“I’ve been really strong on this for a long time and there’s a number of other players around the competition who have been the same,” Ferguson said.

“We believe there needs to be a decision review system of some description.”

Calls were reignited for the DRS on Monday night when Adelaide Strikers star Matt Short was given out lbw despite hitting a leg glance for four.

The Thunder have themselves benefited from a howler which saw Usman Khawaja given not out despite a thick edge. The umpire later backed his decision by saying Khawaja’s bat hit the ground.

Cost is the major reason the Big Bash is yet to bring in DRS, as the system costs millions to implement.

“At the moment, it is creating stress and pressure on the umpires, which doesn’t help them be at the top of their game,” Ferguson said.


“It will help the umpires make better decisions … if there is a mistake made it’s not going to be plastered all over for days on end.”

Ferguson said he feared the lack of DRS is driving fans away from the game – despite the league attempting to retain viewership through the implementation of new rules this year.

“It certainly is frustrating and it’s something we just hope in the future we won’t have to worry about,” he said.

“We need to try and avoid robbing the fans and spectators of seeing some of the best players in the world go out their business without having to worry about a poor decision robbing fans of that.”

The Thunder face the Melbourne Renegades on Friday after a stunning win over the Melbourne Stars, the competition favourites.

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