Jurisdictions outside of WA are required to have no new community cases for 28 days, a milestone New Zealand reached on November 18.

A state government spokesman on Thursday said there would be no adjustments to travel into WA for people who had recently been in New Zealand due to the recent outbreak in NSW.

“As Sydney is a major gateway for New Zealand arrivals,” he said.

“This will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.”

New Zealanders can go to most states and territories in Australia without quarantining.

To come into WA, however, they must spend at least 14 days in a state or territory other than NSW before being allowed to enter.

WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said the emergency management team had spoken as recently as Wednesday about the New Zealand situation.

“At this point in time we’re being cautious because of the NSW situation,” he said.

“Most people travelling from New Zealand have been routing via Sydney, so we’re just taking a very cautious approach at this point in time.

“The position WA has taken is for the interest of Western Australians.”

Mr Dawson said WA’s successful defence of a High Court challenge over borders by billionaire Clive Palmer had shown the state was totally justified in its actions.

“The High Court found very clearly that the approach we have taken here has been effective in actually stopping the virus entering the WA community,” he said.

The commissioner said there were currently several thousand people in isolation and quarantine and police would be checking in.

“Everyone has to have a Good 2 Go pass, those people who are in quarantine will be subject of a check, whether it’s Christmas Day or not,” Mr Dawson said.

Mr McGowan shared a video on his social media channels on Thursday with a message about how he had “signed off” on special freight exemptions for Santa Claus and his nine reindeer.

“I’ve some very important news I need to share with you,” he said.

“Some of you have asked me to make sure that Santa can get into WA quickly and safely tonight

“I can announce today on Christmas Eve that Santa will be free to travel through our controlled border tonight.

“Because Santa will be carrying important cargo. he qualifies for an essential freight worker exemption.”

Mr McGowan also previously gave a travel exemption to the Easter Bunny.

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