Blake Davis’s girlfriend Hannah Quinn, 26, is standing trial as an accessory after the fact to murder, after Justice Natalie Adams directed the jury last week that there was “no case of murder … for you to consider” against Ms Quinn. The couple has pleaded not guilty to the charges.


The court has heard Mr McKee, 30, was armed with knuckledusters and a pistol that fired blanks when he burst into Blake Davis’ home in the afternoon.

Blake Davis has previously given evidence Mr McKee held the gun to his head and Ms Quinn’s head before he woke up with “blood all over my eye” believing he’d been shot. He said he was later told he had been punched in the face with knuckledusters.

He told the court he acted “to save Hannah” when he swung the samurai sword into Mr McKee’s head after grabbing it near his front door in Forest Lodge and running towards the sound of Ms Quinn screaming.

James Davis said he bought his brother the samurai sword for his 18th birthday, and “for me personally these were always just display items … almost like an heirloom that he could perhaps keep and pass down”.

It was a “special order from Asia”, valued in the thousands, that was very heavy and made of forged steel.

“Would you regard it as sharp?” his brother’s barrister, Margaret Cunneen, SC, asked.

“I would, yes,” James Davis said.

James Davis said he woke on Saturday, August 11, the day after the incident, “completely oblivious to the machinations of the previous day”, to a number of missed calls, none of which was directly from his brother.

He booked a flight from his home in Queensland to Sydney after realising his brother needed help, and met the couple later that day at a park in the Hills District.

He said both were “distraught” and “not lucid, almost like talking to someone who’s glazed over”. They were in a state of terror and said people were after them, he said. He had “never seen anything like it and that made me fearful”.

He said he was unaware at the time that Mr McKee was dead but told the couple they needed to go to the police for help.

“I offered to drive them. They wouldn’t come with me at that stage and I didn’t press it,” he said. “They walked away and I got in the car and I drove back to my Dad’s.”

James Davis said he subsequently saw “something on social media or the news” about the incident, although he believed “they were saying someone at Forest Lodge had been shot”.

He said at this point he told his brother “probably more forcefully … you need to go see the police, this is really serious”.

“He almost reverted back to being a child; he was just crying for mum,” James Davis said of his younger brother.

The trial continues.

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