COVID-related gathering restrictions remain in place including a maximum of 50 people allowed in a home and 100 in public spaces, while Queenslanders have been discouraged from sharing a kiss or cuddle with strangers during the final minutes of 2020.

Acting Superintendent Christopher Stream said several hundred officers would target South Bank, Brisbane city and Fortitude Valley on New Year’s Eve, focusing on the bus and train network.


“Although we do have the cancellation of the CBD fireworks, we are expecting large numbers of people to come through South Bank, the city and Fortitude Valley precincts,” he said.

“We will also be conducting random breath testing and random drug testing operations throughout the region and that will continue into the AM hours.

“So if you’ve had a night where you have been consuming a lot of alcohol, you need to think about that before you drive the next morning … the breakfast served in our watchhouses is not very good.”


Police Minister Mark Ryan said it was important to remember social distancing in busy nightlife areas and on public transport.

“To be honest, 2020 has been a bugger of a year and I reckon there’s a lot of people around Queensland who are happy to see the end of this year and are looking forward to 2021,” he said.

“Don’t do anything stupid, 2020 has been tough on all of us, don’t make your last day of 2020 even worse by doing something stupid.”

Mr Codd said he had seen Queenslanders at their best and worst this year.

“We’ll have a big police contingent in and around Brisbane tonight to ensure that it’s as safe as possible. Our approach is going to be as it has been all year – it’s about communication, compassion and compliance,” he said.

“For those who think they can come and flagrantly disregard, through negligence or recklessness, the safety of the rest of the community, we do reserve the right to take enforcement action should we need to.”

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