“These seven women do not know each other … what they have in common though is that the accused, for his own sexual gratification, offended against them in his consultation room,” he said.

“In each instance, what the accused did was look into the complainant’s eyes to reach a preliminary diagnosis as to their health problem. The diagnoses, for the most part, the state says were bogus.

“For most of the seven women, he told them they had candida, a term used to refer to thrush.

“Even if the complainant had told him they were there for something such as shoulder pain, he would diagnose candida as the problem they had.”

Mr Dworcan said the diagnosis was a ruse to get the patient to remove their underwear so he could insert his fingers into their vaginas.

The women did not come forward until years later in 2018, following media reports involving allegations about the man’s brother, Mauricio, who also worked at the family-owned clinic.

Mr Dworcan alleged a search of the business revealed the clinic kept no patient files.

“No notes were made … nothing was recorded … there were no nurses or assistants who worked there, so when these consults took place there was just the accused and the complainant in the consultation room,” he said.

But defence lawyer Seamus Rafferty claimed that was how Mr Bascunan Cabrera’s father ran the business since it opened in 1986.

“It was a busy and very successful practice and the family had a unique way of operating it,” he said.

“The general way that you would go and see either my client, his brother or his father, is you would turn up at 8am and you’d be given a number.”

Mr Rafferty told the 13-person jury Mr Bascunan Cabrera, a married father-of-two, had never received a complaint from a client at the clinic while working there between 2003 and 2018.

He said Mr Bascunan Cabrera denied any inappropriate examinations ever occurred and told the jury it would need to consider the credibility of the complainants.

“These complaints were made in some cases after having seen things on Facebook, after having seen some things in the media … in one case I think somebody heard something from their beauty therapist and subsequently made a complaint,” he said.

“At least two of the complainants in this trial have raised the issue of compensation with the prosecutors prior to trial.

“These people who say that they were wronged, these people who say this man has completed gross sexual acts against them, but who never complained after it happened for a long, long time after, are now turning their minds to the issue of compensation.”

On one occasion, a 24-year-old woman with an auto-immune disease attended the clinic in the hope Mr Bascunan Cabrera could help with her joint pain and rashes.

He allegedly asked her to remove her top and examined her breasts without gloves, telling her he was looking for calcification and any lymphomas.

He then allegedly suggested she may have vaginosis, and inserted his finger into her vagina.

Another complainant alleged Mr Bascunan-Cabrera referred to himself as a doctor, while another claimed he told them depression was a symptom of thrush.

The women are expected to give evidence during the trial.

One, who was 19 years old when she attended Mr Bascunan Cabrera’s clinic, recalled how she was surprised when he told her she had thrush when she attended for stomach problems.

“He was quite adamant that I was experiencing thrush even though I’d said I was not,” she said.

“[During the examination] I felt scared, I was thinking, ‘You stupid girl, why would you get on this table’, and I just thought, ‘It will be over in a minute’.”

After the examination, the accused allegedly suggested the woman purchase some supplements from the reception.

Mr Bascunan Cabrera denies any of the examinations described by the women ever took place.

He is charged with eight counts of sexual penetration without consent and one count of indecent assault.

The trial continues.

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