“Yet nine little girls have come along and said he did just that,” he said.

“Each of them said the accused touched them near, on or in their vaginas during swimming lessons.”

Mr Prince referred to his questioning of Mr Daniels about the possibility that he could have inadvertently touched the girls on, in or near their genitals as a result of poor technique, which he denied.

“With that evidence in mind, members of the jury, the Crown asks you to draw the inference, the only reasonable, the only logical explanation: if the touching alleged by the complainants occurred, then it was deliberate.”

Mr Prince said Mr Daniels testified that there was “no way” he had “pushed off a student in the vagina” in the way that three girls had alleged; that “he’s never put his hand inside the swimmers of a student or touched her on or near the genitals” in the way three of the girls said he did.

“The Crown says you’d reject every one of those denials by the accused,” he told the jury.

Mr Prince said the evidence heard in the trial suggests Mr Daniels “opportunistically engaged” in a pattern of offending behaviour “despite the high risk of being caught”, and that he did so “for his own sexual gratification.”

The trial continues.

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