The father of Warren Menteith of Nyatnyatan (Bali) was a primary school teacher, who had “the unerring ability to turn from the blackboard (C8) and hit a miscreant, supposedly sight unseen, with the chalk. Years later when I asked how he could do that, he said, “Easy, I wear glasses and the blackboard acted like a mirror on the edges of the specs.”

“Well may you write a cheque on a cow (C8) but a student teacher of mine actually drew a diagram of a cow’s digestive system on one of our school’s Jersey cows,” writes Phil Armour of Yass. Something to ruminate on.

Jenny Comben may have been impressed with the nursing home raising residents’ spirits with cow bells (C8) but Kelly Smith, formerly of Cremorne and now residing in Bangkok, was “more impressed that I read Granny’s recommendation to play Blue Oyster Cult’s Don’t Fear the Reaper at the very time it popped up in the Spotify playlist I was listening to!”

Peter Waterman of Griffith (ACT) suggests that the addition of “event” to weather (or anything else) is “merely a ploy to justify the existence of the now ubiquitous corporate executive with the title ‘Event Manager’.” For Dorothy Gliksman of Cedar Brush Creek, “the difference between a storm and a storm event is simple. It is a non-event”.

With regard to the weather related “events” discussion (C8), Roger Lenehan of Eagle Heights (Qld) recently attended a cardiac health session “only to discover we no longer have heart attacks, we now have ‘cardiac events’. I must say having an event sounds a lot more pleasant than an attack.”

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