“My elderly mother has been saying for years it’s a bonus just to wake up every morning,” writes Jack Dikian of Mosman. “Now the activity app on her new Apple watch agrees. She’s greeted with a ‘goal achieved’ message in the mornings as validation.”

The end of the blackboard days (C8) has merely proved that teachers are particularly adept at adapting to changing times, and that where there’s a will there will be a way. Peter Miniutti of Ashbury also often employed the tactic of running fingernails down the blackboard but by the end of his teaching career most of his classes were taught in a computer lab so he replaced the fingernail scrape with the playing of ’70s music. “If I was in a particularly mean mood, sometimes I would sing along to the music. This was far more effective than any fingernail scrape.”

John Boddington of Dalton merely says, “Tell George (C8) it’s pretty easy. Just use the preamble, ‘When I was your age …’”

However, Joy Cooksey of Harrington believes that after surviving such a year as this, “the classes of 2020 have developed the resilience to overcome any annoying incident. Their new found maturity defies the need for teachers to employ ‘skin-crawling strategies’ (C8).”

Regarding mailed coconuts (C8), Fred Scott of Bexley has one that has stood the test of time. “The address was carved into the smooth shell, together with a scene of native huts, palm trees and sailing boats. It has pride of place amongst my memorabilia.”

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