I find this poem very hard to write, Nick’s life and future was bright.

He was born on the 3rd of November 1969, he loved to party and he loved to dine.

As a businessman he was on top, he loved being around his shop.

He met Amanda his beautiful wife, she loved him and kept him out of strife.

With all his family he was proud, he will tell you very loud.

He loved Stacey and Tia his daughter, he kept his family in good order.

He was so proud of his mum and dad, what happened on Sunday was very sad.

On the 12 December 2020 Nick passed away, for our brother Nick we all have to pray.

Nick to me he was a good mate, the Rebels and Nick they have good faith.

With the Rebels he rode side by side, he was a president and full of pride.

If you need a hand give Nick a call, he loved his pets and his three pitbulls.

Nick’s life’s being one huge wave, the doctors, my mate, they couldn’t save.

Nick was always out, not hard to chase, they didn’t like to face him face to face.

They shot my mate from 300 metres away, we all came together to pay our respects today.

Nick was 51 years old, as a grandpa he enjoyed life, for the family and brothers I wish he did survive.

When they told me the bad news I couldn’t believe, Nick and Amanda had so much to achieve.

Nick always stood for his right, Mr Martin had class, dignity and pride.

The best he had and gave, he was a proud Rebel and brave.

Nick went to places all alone, now he is with our Lord in a new home.

About Nick forever we will be telling a story, now he is with our Lord in glory.

My condolence to all the family, his wife, daughters and friends, no one knows how our life will end.

Our Lord took Nick Martin to rest, our Lord always takes the very best.

God bless our brother Nick, rest in peace brother.

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