Washington: China’s transportation officials are recommending flight attendants wear disposable nappies and avoid restrooms at all costs on flights serving countries with high rates of coronavirus cases, according to documents from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

The recommendation to employ nappies and avoid in-flight restrooms altogether applies on flights to and from countries with infection rates exceeding 500 cases per million people. The United States’ coronavirus case rate exceeds that limit as of December 10, at more than 660 cases per million.

A flight attendant on a China-domiciled airline.

A flight attendant on a China-domiciled airline.

The guidance is part of a lengthy document detailing technical guidelines for preventing the spread of the coronavirus on planes, which also states that flight and cabin crew should, on lower-risk flights, designate their own private lavatory and sanitise it before and after every use.

The document was issued on November 25, according to CNN.

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