“People in the northern beaches have been doing their part big-time to give not only themselves with the rest of Sydney safe,” he said.


“It is absolutely appalling to see what was clearly a group of people, a large gathering of people who didn’t give a damn about the rest of Sydney.

“Let me tell you, that event, I am hoping, will not become a super spreader event. But it has every chance that it could be.”

Mr Hazzard said that in the earlier stages of the pandemic, the state “had some challenges with backpackers who clearly wanted to party in the eastern suburbs”.

“It cannot go on,” he said.

“There is still a major risk for us with COVID, and my message to those people and people who know any of those people, is tell them to stop it, cut it out, or you may well end up with the virus itself … or you may end up being part of a super spreader event.

“Many of those backpackers come here to Australia and are enjoying the relative freedoms we have here.

“If they were in Europe right now, most of them would be in lockdown and not even allowed outside the front door. The fact that you can go out is a privilege, and it should be respected in an appropriate way, in accordance with the government’s requirements.”

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