China has hit Australian winemakers with another trade strike, arguing the Australian government has unfairly subsidised local vineyards.

The countervailing duty, announced on Thursday, will see another 6.3 per cent added to tariffs of between 107 per cent and 212 per cent already in force. It all but extinguishes local producers’ access to the world’s largest market.

It is the latest impost on Australian products this year after several diplomatic altercations over the origins of the coronavirus pandemic, national security measures, human rights and foreign interference legislation. Australian timber and lamb exporters had further restrictions placed on them on Wednesday, following strikes on coal, barley and beef.

China has put another duty on Australian wine.

China has put another duty on Australian wine. Credit:

Unlike the November tariffs, which were imposed based on a claim that Australian companies were dumping wine in the Chinese market at discount prices to undermine homegrown competition, Thursday’s duty targets government subsidies for Australian winemakers.

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