In September, The Royal George Hotel in Fortitude Valley was fined for failing to ensure all patrons maintained social distancing.

Karaoke bar K-Music Cafe in Sunnybank was fined the same night for not keeping a record of customers for contact tracers.

In August, a Valley kebab shop copped massive fines after an impromptu rave broke out about 3am.

Twelve of the fines, worth a total of $74,726, were handed out for illegal dancing.

The Zoo owner Pixie Weyand said although she was pleased dancing would return, the venue would still only operate at 30 per cent capacity and be forced to ensure social-distancing rules were abided.

“It’s frustrating that we can’t have our usual 500 people. Then music festivals are capped at 15,000 but there can be 50,000 people at a football game and they’re both outdoors,” she said.

“The rules aren’t consistent and the music industry is still jumping through hoops just to open our doors.”

Ms Weyand said she feared being fined over social-distancing rules.

“It’s all a step forward for the industry but the weight and logistics is thrown back on the venue and we have to figure it all out,” she said.

Dancing indoors will be back on the cards but dancers will have to wait one more weekend.

Dancing indoors will be back on the cards but dancers will have to wait one more weekend.

Safe Night Precinct representative and The Prince Consort manager Jason Hirt said venues were grateful for dancing to return but some were furious to miss out on opening their doors to dancers this weekend.

“A few people in the Valley were calling me this morning feeling disappointed that they will only be able to cater for people one week down from Christmas instead of two,” he said.

Mr Hirt said lifting the dancing ban was a long time coming.

“The news is a real life-saver for small bars and businesses who were struggling with restrictions so there is light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.

“Everyone is eager to dance. There are people lining up out the door at The Prince Consort just to dance in the outdoor area already.

“But there are questions like, ‘Why aren’t we allowed to dance this weekend but next weekend is fine?’

“The bright side is that the next big dance day is New Year’s Eve and every business will be roaring to have business return to normal.”

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