“While we had no serious injuries and no deaths we saw a large increase in the number of disturbances mainly on residential properties and private homes.”

Mr Flack said this year’s celebrations had been marked by smaller crowds at nightclubs and bars, which managed functions well throughout the night, and bigger parties at homes across the state.

“It would appear people have chosen to stay at home rather than go out,” he said

“The night was busy for police.”

A total of 76 people have been summoned by police.

St John Ambulance medical director Paul Bailey said several people had to be hospitalised after being seriously injured by other punters, while others had to be treated for alcohol poisoning.

“All the partying we didn’t do during this COVID-inspired 2020, it seems like it jackpotted and it came out last night. We had a lot going on,” Mr Bailey said.

“It was normal up until midnight and then it got really, really busy between 1am and 4am.”

Mr Bailey said the service had attended 20 per cent more call-outs than anticipated, mostly from people aged 15 to 30, and had dispatched 80 ambulances in the metro area and 160 state-wide.

He said most calls for assistance involved intoxicated revellers and assaulted patrons, with no medics having to deliver any babies on ambulances this New Year’s Eve.

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